Mobile Website Builder

The World is Becoming Mobile – Joining the mobile web development revolution is fast and easy when you have the right tools at hand.

Mobile Website Builder

Mobile Website Builder

Enjoy immediate access to a mobile control panel. Use it to upload an unlimited number of webpages and all types of content to your mobile website.

Create custom menus, locations, reviews, photo galleries, social networking links and Twitter feeds.

Connect with your customers better utilizing integrated mapping and one touch dialing, advanced features our competitors lack.

A study by the Pew Research Center found that over one third of all Americans own a smartphone. This number is only going to rise as millions of Americans switch to smartphones and new consumers opt for the web-enabled devices. If you want to reach younger consumers, your website must be mobile-ready. Many young consumers in their teens and twenties use their smartphones to surf the web as readily as they do computers. And when they encounter a website that isn’t compatible with their mobile devices, they develop a negative impression and certainly won’t return to the website. This means it is essential to the survival of your business to invest in a mobile website.

Mobile Websites

Mobile Websites

Fortunately, it isn’t necessary to hire a web designer to create a mobile website. There are existing mobile website builders that permit average users to create mobile ready, attractive websites that will run on any type of device. One of the understated advantages of creating a mobile website is that you’re already prepared for the tablet user community. Another advantage of setting up a mobile website is that the website ready formatted to automatically work on personal computers. Setting up a mobile website means that your website runs perfectly when viewed by any user, any time, anywhere and on any device.

Which mobile website builder should you use? Green Market Cater mobile website builder is one of the top contenders on the market. Green Market Cater provides a number of built in features that are easy to learn and use.

What does Green Market Crater mobile website builder do for you?

images It helps you maintain your brand. You can import your existing logo, header and background to the mobile website.

images Manage an unlimited number of web pages and their content in real time. The interface is as intuitive as Facebook.

images Gain a technology agnostic platform. Whether your customers view the website on an iPhone, iPad, Android phone, Blackberry or Windows device, it will be delivered in a seamless and attractive layout to their device. Your mobile website will appear the way you intended it to whether the user is visiting it via a smartphone, tablet or personal computer.

images Enjoy full analytics. Green Market Cater’s mobile website builder gives you your website data and customer trends via Google Analytics. It also tracks metrics for the mobile website along with the main website’s stats.

images Handle mobile redirection seamlessly. The tool automatically detects the type of device and directs users to the mobile website.

images Maintain your domain. Green Market Cater ensures that your mobile website is properly linked to your main domain, instead of appearing lower down in the search engine results.

images Simplify SEO. The application uses your existing meta keywords for the mobile website.

images Enjoy the development tool’s versatility. Its CSS is customizable, so you can create the site you want. Don’t let yourself get constrained by the limited palette offered by competing products.

images Green Market Cater is designed to make mobile navigation a snap. It lets you customize menu and sub menu hierarchies. You can add menu items via Excel template and even add images.

images You can use Open Table for mobile reservations. This is valuable for restaurants and bars.

images Green Market Cater lets you schedule events and share them with your customers. Set up recurring events and unique occasions.

images Green Market Cater makes customer relationship management a snap. Offer mobile users mobile coupons, notify your loyal customers of daily specials, send targeted exclusive offers, design a customer loyalty program and market to those on your ping list who are already walking by the store.

images The software allows you to turn its photo albums into an extension of your marketing department. Let customers upload pictures of their favorite meals or gatherings at your venue or post photos of your staff enjoying a day at work.

images Use Green Market Cater to upload door to door directions and your business’ GPS coordinates to various mapping and location based services. Never again have to worry about whether or not your customers can find you, and reduce the number of calls from potential customers who want to know how to get to your location.

images Utilize the 1-Click phone call function to let customers call you by pushing a simple button. You can track all calls made through your site, generating useful metrics such as call volume and identifying which mobile websites lead to the most calls.

images Create separate sites based on the target audience. For example, you can have one mobile site for those who want to order out versus those who want to dine at your restaurant. You can attach the relevant mobile coupons to each mobile site.

images Green Market Cater streamlines your social media profile and marketing efforts. Use it to encourage customers to like you on Facebook and send one lucky voter a coupon as part of your customer loyalty program.Or use Green Market Cater to link your social media outreach to group deals on sites like Groupon and Living Social.

images Send out Tweets to your fans. Schedule Tweets on new products, schedule changes or mobile coupon links. Manage your Twitter following.

images Setup a Foursquare profile and link to it. Create a Linkedin Profile that automatically includes links to your business’ Twitter feed and other social media updates. Let customers see the Linkedin profile for information on employment or franchises. Upload pictures from your photo gallery to Flickr to create free, permanent ads for your business. Or post videos on Youtube.

Don’t forget about customer reviews. Green Market Cater can give you reports of new reviews from sites like Google Places and Yelp. Use Green Market Cater to find hot new reviews to share via Twitter, publish on your website or work with marketing to identify the unhappy customer so that the resolution becomes a success story for everyone involved.

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